Saturday, 5 September 2020


The Nasdaq100 has visited the prospective location of the top of Cycle 3

The last Tech bubble peaked at the top of Cycle 1.

The form of Cycle 4 is highly probable to have alternation with Cycle 2.

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Goldfields ADR

Goldfields (New York) shows that Primary [4] is underway and is already at the 61.8% of the Primary [2] move which is a good target for the turn into (B) 

vel concidat natare

Crude Oil Contango

The insanity of markets makes perfect sense to some. The rest just ignore everything that they don't understand, which is the benchmark of the new normal. 

Goldfields (New York)


Monday, 10 August 2020

Silver (spot) XAG/USD

14th August:

Look again..

13th August:

But this looks more likely?

obedire imperatori

10th August:

Looks straight forward to me. 

vultus ante vos

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Gold (spot) XAU/USD (updated)

24th August
Pilgrims progress.

Is a mask going to help anyone?

12th August:
Market insanity is the only thing that makes any sense.

7th August:
On the other hand this alternate count sees more complexity in the extension exercises of Primary wave [3].

aurum febricitantem


Covid-19 medication for persons at a higher risk

To defend against and combat the Covid-19 flu it is known that zinc with hydroxychloroquine is effective.

Zinc is said to be best absorbed as a sulfate, citrate, oxide or gluconate rather than picolinate.

Long term daily intake should not exceed 10mg molecular. Excess intake can be counter-productive.

Zinc reduces levels of copper, so the supplement should provide a little replacement copper.  

When zinc combines with certain foods it may not be absorbed into your body and it will do you no good. If you are taking zinc, the following foods should be avoided or taken 2 hours after you take zinc:


        Fiber-containing foods

        Phosphorus-containing foods such as milk or poultry

        Whole-grain breads and cereals


On an equivalent molecular basis:

Clioquinol is said to be 10 times as powerful as hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) but can have bad side effects.

The active part of green tea is said to be 6 times as powerful as hydroxychloroquine.

Quercetin (QCT) is a common supplement said to be 3 times as powerful as hydroxychloroquine.

If you don't want to go to the hassle of getting a prescription for HCQ stop by a health food store and get Quercetin or Green Tea or Green Tea Extract.

Other essential minerals that need to be consumed daily, either through diet or supplementation are Magnesium "a vital mineral of which MOST Americans are seriously deficient", Manganese (tiny traces required), Selenium, Sulphur (white Onions, Garlic, Broccoli) and of course Vit C and Vit D, especially Vit D3 which should be taken in conjunction with Vit K2 for the best effects.

From 4th August:
Gold was resting before a final push to a more elegant [3]

Monday, 27 July 2020

US Dollar Index, DXY

7th September:
Irresistible weakness creates the patterns of 3 for a recount that delivers a definitive Primary wave [A] completion. Even with the assistance of a prominent divergence there is only this flagging uphill battle for the [B] so far.

29th August:
The DXY hourly chart shows the progress of the bear-correction Intermediate wave (B) which is quite a sorry mess, reflecting what the real financial world is suffering under the influence of its new generation of "guiding" hands.

WHO and the pandemic flu conspiracy

14th August:
DXY enters Intermediate (B) of Primary [C]. Correlation with spot gold XAU/USD is seen to be generally and usually inverse with periods of inattentiveness.  

recta verum flecti

31st July:
The previous chart is given a longer term perspective:

Facts about 5G

27th July:
Today, it is my contention that the Dollar Index, DXY is in the Primary degree [C] leg of a Cycle degree bear, where it has put in a 5-wave Intermediate (A). Implications abound.

alter alter trahere

Who controls the British Government response to Covid–19? Part 1

Who controls the British Government response to Covid–19? Part 2

JSE, New Silver ETF

The New Silver ETF is seen to have a familiar count and to be in the second phase or extension of the 3rd Primary wave. The chart is generating the required clear space above [1] to accommodate Primary wave [4] (which must not enter [1]). Next turn point is at the conclusion of Intermediate wave (3). Wave (4) is expected to be a flat so as to provide alternation with the preceding (2).

patientia sit virtus

Elliott Wave Theory

Sunday, 26 July 2020


Update 28th August 2020
By assigning Cycle degree I and II then this extended Primary wave [2] is a variation on the earlier Cycle degree bear take that can also accommodate the previous bull take if [2] replaces (A)

From - 3rd August:
The bull trend take for Bitcoin is reflected here against the USD.
It describes the development of Primary wave [3] as being mid-wave within Intermediate wave (3). However, the achievement of adequate clearance above Primary [1] for the accommodation of Primary [4] appears to remain a long way off.  

My numberings:

26th July:
The bear trend take for Bitcoin is reflected here against Sterling.
It appears to point to the next US elections for the conclusion of Cycle II. It assumes that the launch to the peak was a rapid Cycle I, which possibly overstates the order but is otherwise irrelevant. The appearance of 5-3-5 zigzags lends credence.

tuum fatum, signatus

The Hydroxychloroquine Scandal

Friday, 24 July 2020

Gold (spot) XAU/USD Silver (spot) XAG/USD

31st July:  Gold spot XAU/USD, daily 
Typically, when taken from the end of the 2nd wave, the 1.618 Fib ratio of the 1st wave will target the top of the 3rd wave. In this case that target is taken as [3]' because there is no alternation between the larger pull backs of the Primary 3rd wave up to that point. The 1.618 Fib symmetry from [4]' now points to the extended top of the Primary 3rd wave. This target is also supported by the RSI and month end. 

ire brevis

27th July

Spot Gold:

Spot Silver

With the inrush of the lemmings the time has ripened. Pro is also short for prospering, most often by taking the candy from the babies. The piranhas will now strip the fattened  pig to the bone. Sorry for the lemmings but due to the nature of the jungle the truth is that history still repeats itself most each and every day. No amount of woke or coke can change this one. Maybe the piranhas can be temporarily distracted whilst the lemmings make a run for it, but its a long shot.

longo vivas tempore

My numbering:

The purpose of sharing this is to encourage broader interest with the application of the Elliott Wave theory. 
The standard version of the theory applies.