Sunday, 13 January 2019


The ECRI is making good progress following the circa 2008 cycle correction. The completion of [1] is perhaps premature with alternative of (4) at (A)

Thought Processing:
I remember when hip hop clap clap rap rap was a sub-division of pop and the lower order of foul mouth lyrics was a sub-sub-division. Now the gutter is king and every young person learns first how to pronounce mothafucka. These endlessly boring machine made crap crap sounds are the Grammy leaders of today and reflect the new society and its indoctrination towards the brain-dead gutter. George Soros will be proud of his financial influence upon the disintegration process.

Now is not the time to hold a health and safety meeting. What is needed is a super hero straight out of Disney land. Something that can whack things back into shape and give power back via erudite, genuinely worthy, non-corruptible, reasonable-minded people, because the task is now way beyond the ability of mere mortals. Something like Mighty Mouse.

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