Wednesday, 26 December 2018

$Gold Futures (US$/Troy Oz)

The hourly chart of $Gold eventually fails to hide the Intermediate wave (1) leading diagonal pattern. The hitherto deception is revealed by the unusual appearance of a general equities short-term collapse with a prospective Christmas-eve (A) wave finale whereby the highly anticipated bounce of general equities will pull the rug for $Gold via a sudden surge of DXY. Intermediate corrective wave (2) thereby ensues, herewith, as is evidently indicated.

Grand Jury to hear evidence that shows 9/11 was an inside job:
17 years of truth avoidance and denial by the self-appointed custodian nation of human rights on the planet. The most evil act of mass murder was evidently an inside job. It was seemingly motivated by the desire for totalitarian control of the planet by the few, for the few, with the spin-off establishment of the never ending "War On Terror". 
Who were the masterminds? Will they ever be identified? 
What other evil acts have they planned and had perpetrated on humanity for their megalomaniac selfish greed for power? 
Clearly the evidence needs to be independent of witnesses that can still be got at or eliminated.

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