Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Gold futures ($US/Oz)

It appears like the war about Syria is gonna expand big time with the mad dog, Israel- supporting creators of global terrorism proxy warriors still determined to oust Assad (after all these years) at absolutely any cost. False flags are flying high.
So I consulted the gold chart only to find that it is just more fake news, for now. You cannot have WWIII Armageddon c/w dancing girls until the gold chart sings. Meanwhile buy weapons suppliers.

Update: 26th April 2018
The RSI is slightly changed, data gap somewhere. I see this alternate count as a typical futures warp requiring extra squint eyes but I would like to think it is more credible than the one above. Unfortunately it does not rhyme with rate increases and (v) will need to bring a transition into an extension of this 3rd wave because wave 1 has not yet been cleared.

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