Tuesday, 6 March 2018

SPX Futures v Underlying

This is an example of how the futures of an index can be very different when compared with the underlying. In this case the present situation is commence of minor wave (iii) for the underlying and commence of 2nd phase of minor wave (iii) for the futures.
NB: Censorship of this blog has been applied by means of surreptitious blocking of auto notification and sharing. Such practice is now manifest amongst the self-righteous, self-centered, narrow-minded, self-appointed purveyors of indoctrination and friends of the big brother thought police that hire themselves out to the globalist, one-world-order illuminati mafioso.
This could be because some of the truth about Soros has been reposted on related blog at  https://verylastrights.blogspot.co.za
I know this from a reliable source that cannot be disclosed in case his cover is blown and the world discovers that he is actually a snake oil salesman.

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