Saturday, 25 November 2017

Copper ($US/lb) weekly

Even now there are still commentators that are not acknowledging the fact of the bull trend in resources. Enormous numbers of market participants are being told that the uptrend since early 2016 is just a correction within an ongoing bear trend. Something needs to happen soon to confirm this misguided belief or there will not be enough eggs to go around all those shirts. This bull is vital for inflation, economic recovery, debt reduction and the end to austerity. If only some genuine and meaningful regulation of the criminal insanity that brought the world to its financial knees and enriched a few manipulators so far beyond all sensibility could be brought into being, Mr Trump - yes you - do something useful here. Otherwise it is all going to continue dragging the vast majority down. Sure, if the vast majority have been politically as well as economically castrated and are now truly powerless, then it is game over.

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