Saturday, 30 September 2017

DAX (not updated)

This was 8th Sept 17. It is made reference to for the preceeding chart of the S&P500 presentation.
It was a private issue. It had the following commentary:

This take indicates that a further extension of primary wave 3 commenced for the DAX in Feb 2016. The [a-b-c] correction is interpreted as the mid-wave correction for primary wave 3 with replicated 5-wave patterns both before and after this pattern. The 3rd wave of each 5-wave pattern is extended by replication with [x-y] interconnects. This take is projecting that the current wave will continue the bull trend until it completes in a similar manner to the previous [3-4-5]. This pattern aberration is seen as a direct consequence of unprecedented market interventions by various central banks and others.

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